eternal WIP :anatomical_heart:


you may know him as the guy who made i/me/myself, or the guy who faked having a daughter, or the guy i just wont shut the fuck up about. and while he is all those, hes way cooler than that i swear i swear please listen i swear i have good taste in music guys ple

before he got popular online for the song i/me/myself, his band was under the name Will Wood and the Tapeworms where they released 3 albums (excluding the remasters). now they're just under the name Will Wood

personally, my favorite album is Everything Is a Lot, their first album released on May 20th 2015. its so hard to pick favorites though, all his shits amazing i fucking swear

before he got popular during the pandemic for i/m/m he was mostly known for his amazing live shows ,, like seriously please go listen to them, hell watch them theyre so cool !! most of my favorite versions of his songs are lives

this will probably be mostly a photo dump and an archive of his performances, with maybe the very very rare commentary on his songs (i dont have the fucking brain 2 type all the thoughts i have on these songs)

thank you super much 2 @potatoesaaa on tumblr dot com for the transparent tapeworm image i love you so much !!!


this counts as will wood content right ? marios hair caught me SO off gaurd


contrary to what might be expected but will woods music is like . grounding as hell 2 me as opposed to something like penelope scott . which i guess makes sense considering i listen to his music quite literally ALL of the time thruout the day at school but i still think its kinda funky ! i love his music so much and TRWW is the movie ever i want it on disk NEOW !!!!


twirling my hair FUCK i need a haircut anywayz guys did you see those videos of Will in the studio ........ if we get a normal album remaster i might CRY AAA !!!!!! usually im an obnoxious purist and hate the remasters just because i always listen to the originals but we'll see !!!! mayb ill be a good person this time

btw AAAAA THANK YOU ALASTOR I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE YOU !!!!!!! my mom also got me a self-ish shirt but idk if i have any good pictures yet and its getting kinda late ...... we'll see tmw


there is actually just SOMETHING about The Real Will Wood live album (and actually even more so the movie) that genuinely kills me . It's a special kind of death, listening to that entire album hurts in a way i dont entirey understand how to put into words . trying real hard right now lmao ,, its just so hard to describe . It mostly comes down to Self- and -Ish, the way they tie it all together ? Everyone screaming along during -ish makes me wish i were dead but in a GOOD way . its so good it hurts . i dunno !

was looking at will wood groups on spacehey, theres one with quite a few people . in general stumbled upon a lot of ww fans on there, its pretty nice !! would love for the place to get some more traction and activity


NEW WILL WOOD MERCH !!!!!!!!! WITH DESIGN BY THE COOL @potato-lord-but-not ON TUMBLR DOT COM !!!! go check it out its genuinely so fucking sick oh my god . theres also lyric tees that im not actually sure how new they are because i dont check the selection v often lolz ,,

ive got this plan 2 spread out my requests for specific will wood merch 2 different loved ones . manipulative maybe . but it will lead to true joy so is it REALLY that bad ??

enjoy some videos i tooootally didnt forget to put here me nope nuhuh never


AS OF RECENTLY i have obtained some old will wood music (old as in he was still going by william sunshine) from a beloved tumblr mutual (if you're reading this hi hello i love you) and . i have Not been able to stop listening 2 the songs ,,,,,,,,they r so fuckin g good ,., im not sure if its alright and coolsies to just share them around, but if you really want them just to listen to yourself you can msg me on discord (Child#4782) and i can send some of them 2 you :3

AAAAND i watched The Real Will Wood finally and have remembered why im still alive (because nothing matters and i should have fun in spite of the worlds grotesque human landscape) so i dont really feel super much like killing myself as of today i moreso just feel like screaming and running around some more . which i think is an improvement


thank you so much 2 tumblr user @mercerssunset for showing me this !!!!! ive seen a clip of it a bunch but was never able to find the full video, tysm !!!


dunno y man but this recording of white knuckle jerk is my favorite 4ever


THE GUY !!!!!

i am having thoughts and feelings about his songs again ,,,,,,,, they hurt me so greatly . me when lysergide daydream and becoming the lastnames fill me with a horrible amount of dread and yearning !! but also yaaaaaaay love me normally