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Cryptozoology is a pseudoscientific sub-culture dedicated to the study of animals/creatures/entities that haven't been proven to truly exist. I consider myself more of a skeptic--i dont really know if we'll ever have sound proof that something like ghosts or nessie or bigfoot truly exist, but its fun to speculate and discover and believe, even if something might not truly exist. who knows, maybe something might !!

This page will probably feature some aesthetic bullshit, online research on certain cryptids, my thoughts on the community and validity of discoveries. unlike my blog this wont be daily.

if anything i feature on this page is offensive to some culture or group, please contact me, i aim to be as respectful as i can be



yeea dusting off this page again exactly a month later ,, we've all heard of him, we all know and love him, the great cool mothman !!!



also called the dalby spook, Gef was a mongoose said to have inahbited the Irving families farmhouse during the mid-1930s. The family consisted of James Irving, his wife Margaret Irving, and their 13 year old daughter Voirrey Irving. The farm was located on the Isle of Man.

Gef was reported to, at first, been seen outside and looked "similar in appearance to a weasel, with small body, long bushy tail, flat nose, and yellow in colour". He was then heard scratching and making vocalizations akin to some sort of pest or a dog, or even a baby, behind the walls of their farmhouse. eventually, through repeating words and songs, he built enough of a vocabulary to have been able to speak in sentences.

though initially calling himself the "ghost of a weasel", he later described himself as "just a little extra, extra clever mongoose". its not unlikely that gef couldve truly been a mongoose, as they were introduced locally to take care of the rabbit population in 1912 by a neighbouring farm.

supposedly, Gef gaurded the house, putting out fires that were forgotten about and warning them about incoming guests or unknown dogs. He even scared away rats for them. They would feed him from a saucer suspended from the ceiling, only taking when he assumed nobody was watching. He would follow them on trips to the market, staying on the other side of the hedges chatting away.


not everyone believed the Irvings claims. Some skeptics say it was a case of ventriloquism, the family going along and hyping Voirreys tricks.

in 1935, Richard Lambert and his paranormal investigator friend Harry Price investigated the family themselves, looking for some kind of proof to report. Allegedly, the family gave them what they called the hair of the mongoose, however, it was identified to be dog hair by naturalist Francis Martin Duncan. it was suspected to belong to the families dog Mona. the family also provided alleged pawprints and teeth marks made by the creature, though the footprints were stated by Reginald Pocock to not match any known animals. he claimed, however, that the teeth marks could have been made by a dog. either way, neither markings were made by a mongoose.


I dont believe that Gef the mongoose was ever real. although Gef is an extremely interesting being, the claims of the Irving family seem to lack any solid proof. but who knows, maybe he really is the true eigth wonder of the world, as he allegedly claimed. Perhaps he truly was a mischevious, otherwordly spirit. Who knows?


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