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Moths are a group of insects, making up more than half of lepidoptera, the rest being butterflies. Its believed that moths were the first lepidoptera, butterflies evolving from them. Theres lots of general differences between them, a big one being the wings.

with the exception of one species, all butterflies have thin bulbed antennae. moths, however, have varried atennae, and while they can be thin they lack the bulb that butterfly antennae have.

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take a look at these gorgeous royal guyz !! This is citheronia regalis, known commonly as the royal walnut moth !! todays entry was inspired by someone online claiming they're the heaviest moth, but thats not actually true, as the heaviest moth is the giant wood moth . regardless, the royal walnut moth is one of the most gorgeous in my personal opinion

they have a wingspan of about 10-16 cm and can be found around the eastern side of the US, similar to the last moth i covered .



WOOAH isnt this guy cute ???? this is artace cribraria, commonly know as the dot-lined white moth !! if you enjoy moths youve probably seen a plenty of pictures of these guys before ,, they look like they have adorable fluffy leg warmers !!!

these guys can be seen flying aroun from june to october, so keep your eyes peeled during these pretty nights !! they have a bit of range when it comes to wingspan, 2.5cm to 6.2cm ,, wowzer what silly guys :3

they're found on the eastern side of the US !! so if you live around there lucky you !!!



arctia caja, or the garden tiger moth, is one of the coolest moths in my totally unbiased opinion !!!!!! it can be seen in a really wide range of locations around the world, and is easily recognizable with its striking pattern

when threatened, the moths will display its striking orange hindwings and produce a yellow liquid from its head !!!! kinda spooky in the bestest way . they can be seen from around july to august, and have a wingspan of around 4.5-6.5 cm !!!

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saturnia pyri, known commonly as the giant peacock moth or giant emperor moth, is a european moth from the family saturniidae . its also my favorite moth AND the moth that i am !!!!

its also the little gif i made thats all over the site lolz

theyre SUPER COOL and have a wingspan of around 15-20 centimeters !!!! they hold the title of the LARGEST EUROPEAN MOTH !!