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[8:40PM] evening everyone, today was . a thing that happened i guess . this whole week so far has been a huge mess and i feel like shit about it, had an extreme argument with my dad on tuesday that i think spooked him, which is why i think he let me stay home today . i feel real bad about it in all honesty, i wasnt trying to go . RAAAGH !!!! DO WHATEVER I WANT OR I'LL DIE !!! i wanted him to understand that school and the pressures been killing me . today was nice though, as i said i got to stay home !! caught up on a bit of older work; not a lot, but more than i wouldve gotten done crying in class . got to hang out with cookie and worked on my spacehey too, which was fun :3 overall besides the guilt thats literally rotting me today was great



sometimes working on this webbed site makes me want to kill myself soso bad . i dont have a headache from using my brain no instead i have one from hitting myself in the head so hard i got dizzy . again . skull emoji .


[11:05AM] oops . woops . oopsies . sorry i forgor abt everything for a while again oopsies . good morning !!!!!!!! off from school for the rest of the week bc holiday :3


[4:15PM] hello silly people online sorry for the inactivity time stopped feeling real and suddenly i realized that i havent updated here in a while !!!

TREES !!!!!!!


[6:05PM] good evening !!!!!!! got my hair cut today finally it was getting way too fucking long smh my head ,, cookie is out of the cone now and jumping around (even though shes NOT SUPPOSED TO) but im glad shes doing well !!!


[5:10PM] HAPPY NOVEMEBER SILLY PEOPLE im kinda sad october is over HOW WAS YOUR HALLOWEEN ??? mine was fun got 2 go trick or treating with my girlfriend and bestest friend and it was GREAT !!!!

in 2days news, cookies finally been fixed so she has a cone on her head 4 a week and is also high as balls on cat pain killers poor silly ,,,,, shes so wobbly i feel so bad :broken_heart: but shes gonna be feeling better soon !!

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