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[12:00PM] woooooagghhh typing this from the school libarbyyy !!!!! prolly gonna be working on here around noon more often since i realized i can go 2 he libarby during lunch :3 !!! this is cool

i wanna work pretty soon on making a page for Revolutionary Girl Utena because i binged it recently and GOD its good !!! so good i wanna make a page for it !!


[8:30PM] OH MY GOSH i dunno if mentioned it ? but !?!?!? i got yume nikki on my 3ds awhile ago and i ADORE it :3 endings kinda spoiled for me but other than that ive gone in completely blind . its a little confusing and i get stuck not knowing what 2 do frequently but its an amazing game and i love it so much !!! i can see why its so widely loved .

i was able to get it to play using easyrpg for the 3ds . its pretty easy 2 set up and works well, at least for the one single game i played lolz :3c there is one issue, if you try 2 close the app like you normally would on a 3ds, the whole system will crash ,, its not the worlds worst problem though, the app has an exit button 2 use instead :3

out of curiosity, i also wanted 2 know if there was a way 2 get lsd dream emulator on my angel . i figured it wouldnt play very well but i wanted it as a sort of novelty ,,,, and because its probably the best way i'll ever play it ,,,,,, and there is a working copy !! its a bit choppy as is kinda expected but it DOES work !


[6:10PM] good evening everybody ugh todays . today . weekend evil ! im evil and lazy and stupid but thats ok because YAAAY i can do webbed site and listen 2 music :3 made my dad listen to trww version of blackboxwarrant so he made ME listen 2 a deep purple song ,, specifically bc i walked in on him listening 2 one once and without context it kinda sounded like somebody being murdered ? but it was good i liked it :3 forgor the name tho ,,

[6:40PM] i need to be shot dead

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