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[6:10PM] ok . good evening . weird week a think ... i modded one of my science teachers 2ds' and it was . bad .

unfortunately, the console is like . half dead . constantly crashing, took a few hours give-or-take (i was at school while trying to turn it on) to get it past the home menu really . tragic too, its this cool pokeball n2ds with a lovely design . i honestly have no clue whats wrong with it, but i DID eventually get through the modding process . with many errors, albeit none of the crashes being MY fault . it crashed with or without the SD card in before i even touched the poor thing . but i bypassed the parental features (had to connect to wifi which is restricted), shoved the cfw on it + some DS games, and after likely around 8-15 crashes, they became MUCH less frequent . ill ask him how it plays when im back at school on monday . may god help that tiny, tint console . though its a little silly to say that when WE'RE its gods and i couldnt really help it all that much . whatever . hope it knows its loved !!!


[6:10PM] did you know it's actually really easy 2 mod your 3ds .

so in my absence around chrimus, i dug up my babygirl galaxy skin new 3ds XL and i will never EVER !!!! lose her again . I've named her throne and modded her so i dont lose access to games ive always wanted the chance to play !!! + a bunch of homebrew stuff

now because shes a NEW 3ds xl i unfortunately had to unscrew the back to get the SD card out, which is honestly one of the most inconvenient parts of the whole process . luckily my dad has just the right size screwdriver for it, but my original plan was 2 use the built-in wireless sd card management feature . but my issue was i didnt have anything than ran on windows except for my school laptop, which blocks browsing network files . so that sucked . but i just shoved the SD card into an old chromebook and it worked just fine !!! the process is genuinely really simply, if you wanna do it yourself just follow the guide at

im planning on getting her a larger SD card cause 4gb is nowhere NEAR enough for all the stuff i want to very legally download on2 her . Currently i've got pokemon black, the first 4 fnaf games, phoenix wright: ace attorney trilogy, nintendogs + cats, and a few more . if you have a device in the 3ds family im telling u now .... mod that thang ........

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