alrightsies wahoo !!! this is the art page, where ill put all my drawings . cause i draw . YIPPEE !!


i remembered those silly dragon books exist, this is my silly rainwing named Dew !!!!


my art always looks sillier when im feeling more unwell idk what it is :3


this is my ponysona its name is candy corn and it bites

yk that one tumblr post thats like . u gotta be a little mentally ill to be mentally well . yea . this 1 kinda sucks and my hand writing is ass but i like it

i need someone 2 mod a model of her into my acnh island NOW


my silly silly pumpkin spice !!!


creature lepilamp from the hit roblocking game malgamations island. . heart emoji



^^^what true friend ship looks like :3


cookie crisp !!!!


needed 2 fuck with settings and shit so it felt more like drawing w pencil, came out a success !!

i was feeling soso silly :3


im REALLY bad at uploading my art on time lmao . anywayz drew him on monday this is my rh character hes a bitch who steals candy from babies (theres an alt version of this with text that says kys) (i love him) (also he has horns i forgor them) (he also has wings and i didnt want to draw them)


yeeea this ones days old oops . roblock ava tar ,,,,,


finished this a few days ago just got lazy abt uploading it lolz


little mushroom griffin :3 its name is Marsh and it uses it/its pronounz


what if me ,,,,, but worm on a string fursona ,,, woagh